Construction Vehicle 3D Puzzle

Cupcakes & Cartwheels

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Build and learn how flat paper puzzles can be transformed into movable 3D construction vehicles. Following the building instructions will teach you how to imagine 3 dimensionally. Each Truck has an interactive feature that makes it extra fun!
  • Each Kit comes with one of 4 truck designs: Cement Mixer (35 pcs), Bulldozer (49 pcs), Forklift (46 pcs), Crane (66 pcs).
  • DIY items help to reduce stress and improve your mood as well as allowing to be active in your own creative way.
  • No scissors or glue needed!
  • Made from high quality Paper/EPS Foam.
  • All trucks feature a movable part that makes playing so much more exciting.
  • Recommended for ages 6 years old and up.

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